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  • Cynthia Randall

    Cynthia Randall


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    Aloha! I am new to Big Sky this semester, having arrived in the world of high school math by way of a long and winding road. I served in the US Navy as a Korean linguist for 8 years, then did child care and tutoring while I worked on my undergraduate degree in Asian Studies. When I returned to Montana from overseas, I worked as sub and found that I love teaching. While I was working on my teaching license, I realized that I love math. I took a job teaching Kindergarten in hopes of working may way to a middle school math classroom. Because I love working with teens and with high school math, I decided to move on from elementary education and get a high school math teaching license. So here I am, with my first full time high school math classroom. 

    I couldn't be happier. My goal is to help kids who love math soar and to help kids have not loved math make friends with it. If I can share a small portion of the fun and wonder of numbers, patterns, and puzzles with my students I will be happy. 

    I welcome any questions from parents, students of mine, or even students who are not in my current classes. Feel free to contact me via email, by phone, or by appointment at school.