• Missoula County Public Schools Elementary District is in need of a boundary study process. It has been 13 years since we last adjusted school boundaries and we know that the makeup of many of our neighborhoods has shifted since 2005. In addition, the City and County of Missoula have both updated their growth and development plans.

    The primary reasons for contemplating adjustments to our school boundaries are:

    1. Our school district is growing, over the past 11 years, we have grown by almost 800 students.
    2. Our five-year community-wide Smart Schools 2020 construction process has passed the halfway mark.
    3. By the end of 2019, all nine of our elementary schools will have been remodeled or rebuilt, including our newest elementary school Jeannette Rankin Elementary in the Maloney Ranch neighborhood of Missoula.
    4. Missoulians expressed a strong desire for neighborhood elementary schools of 450- 500 students that act as anchors to their neighborhoods that have safe walking and biking routes to school. 
    5. Once bond-funded construction is complete, we will be at 95% of planned capacity at some elementary schools while other schools are operating at 75% of planned capacity and have space for more students.

    We intend to focus on our nine elementary schools in the 18-19 school year. The district will research attendance boundaries for the middle and high schools in the 19-20 school year.

    The boundary study will include:

    1. Meetings at each of our nine elementary schools (1 per school) to gather parent, student and staff input.
    2. Open House Meetings (3 evening meetings) to inform the entire community throughout the process. These meetings will also be available for viewers at home via television and live-streaming.
    3. A community advisory committee which will review input from each school, review drafts of boundary options, and make final recommendations to the MCPS Board of Trustees.

    We appreciate the depth of feedback we have already received via our survey and school-based focus groups. It is helping us to shape the community process to complete this boundary study.

Boundary Study Quick Links

  • Schedule Advisory Committee Maps

    Demographics and Data Interactive Map and Comment Tool Recommendations to the Board of Trustees