Mr. Mark Hartman

Phone: 406-728-2400 x7531


Degrees and Certifications:

M.S., Virginia Tech B.S., University of Montana

Mr. Mark Hartman

Beyond school-wide rules, our class rules are simple and few.  They are common-sense based and are reflective of what business organizations require of employees:

1)  Treat each other, the teacher, and the classroom with respect.
2)  Come to class on time, with a positive attitude, and prepared to learn and contribute every day.
3)  Take responsibility for your actions and behavior.
4)  Cell phones/electronic devices are NOT allowed in class without prior approval.

You are not GIVEN a grade; rather, you receive the grade that you EARN.  Grades are determined by performance on various activities, assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests given throughout the grading period.  In addition, active participation in class discussion and demonstration of critical thinking ability weighs heavily in your final grade.  Late work WILL result in a significant reduction in assigned grade (late work will not be accepted in BGEN 105).

Grades will be assigned as follows:

F--59 and below

Students and parents are strongly encouraged to monitor academic performance via "Q".  All assignments are posted on "Q" on the date assigned with the due date clearly indicated.

"Q" Student Portal Link:  Student Portal
"Q" Parent Portal Link:    Parent Portal

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