• 5th Grade Teacher
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    Mrs. Tanya Johnson


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    Dear Guardians and Students,

    My name is Tanya Johnson.  This is my second year with Lowell Elementary School and I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family.  I teach 5th grade and I am located on the second floor, room 213.  

    I am so excited about what the year ahead of us has in store.  This is a milestone year for 5th grade as you are preparing to transition to middle school.  You will be learning some super fascinating things this year including early US history, things about the solar system, how to work with geometry and fractions as well as reading some pretty exciting books for ELA.    There is so much exploration to be done—I am looking forward to making discoveries with you! 

    I try to make my class as hands on as possible.   I recognize that students need to be kids outside of school, so I try really hard to make sure students have plenty of time to work on their assignments in class.  I am ALWAYS open to alternative ways to do class work.  I encourage creativity and if students have an idea of a different way of putting assignments together, they can certainly talk to me about it.  Also, if student is struggling with something in class and guardians hear about it at home, please let me know.  Sometimes this is simply a communication error between myself and students. 

    A positive learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between parent, child, and teacher.   We all have something to contribute to the classroom experience and I am excited to learn with you! 

    Together we are better,

    Mrs. Johnson