Smart Schools 2020

  • Lowell Elementary School  

    Barbara Frank, Principal
    Welcome to Smart Schools 2020, a system wide initiative to create school facilities that provide students with the security, technology and dynamic learning environment they need to achieve in school and in life. As your principal, I'm pleased to say that Lowell Elementary School is part of that initiative and is planning significant and much-needed changes over the next few years. 
    Lowell Elementary School, built 110 years ago, is outdated and a barrier to transforming classrooms into 21st century learning environments.  Undersized classrooms and aging infrastructure cannot keep up with increasing enrollments and technology demands.  Safety and security continue to be a concern in a building that is not ADA compliant.  In order to address these key issues, Lowell plans a complete overhaul of the current facility with a new expansion to make Lowell a safe and secure 21st century learning environment. 
    Our proposed option involves overhauling and adding on to the current facility, with our only other choice being building a brand new facility.  Our proposal moves students and teachers into the 21st century by removing the barriers the current facility experiences.  The proposal achieves appropriate classroom space that allows for collaborative, project-based learning and exciting opportunities for the students and teachers into the future.
    We invite you to learn more about the plan, and get involved in shaping the future of education for our children.  

    The School Board has approved our preferred option, pending the passage of a facilities levy in 2015! Learn more about our goals and proposal>