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    Welcome to Ms. Quinn's homepage! This will be my fourth year teaching at Seeley-Swan High school! I teach U.S. History (grade 11,) American Literature (grade 11,) Psychology (grades 11-12,) Sociology (grades 11-12,) Drama (grades 9-12,) and Freshman Seminar (grade 9.) I grew up in Missoula and graduated college from MSU-Bozeman with a degree in Secondary Education and an emphasis in Social Studies. I completed my second Bachelor's degree in English from The University of Montana this last summer and am currently working on my Master's in Educational Leadership. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of such a great community and school with fabulous kids! 
    I teach an American Studies program for our junior English and U.S. History students. The purpose of this course is to create an interdisciplinary approach to learning where students are enriched by an exploration of the American experience from the perspective of both literature and history. Students will learn to value the dimensions of historical events through a literary lens as well as recognize the cultural and historical roots within literary texts and the apparent societal impacts of those texts.
    Psychology touches every aspect of our lives. As we work, play, study, and simply interact every day, we are experiencing countless psychological phenomena. Our brains and bodies react to information and situations-sometimes in predictable (but often in unpredictable) ways. Such is the fascination of psychology-searching for the predictable, exploring the mysteries of the unpredictable. Students explore and discover the science of psychology, develop scientific and critical thinking skills, and apply psychology to their everyday lives.
    The purpose of sociology is to provide students with a survey of sociology. This class is concerned with the study of humans in groups. This course focuses on the aspects of human behavior, the way human groups are organized, and how they function and change. It also deals with how human behavior is affected by interaction with other human beings through the process of group living.
    Drama provides an introductory approach to acting for the stage. Students explore the fundamentals of acting as the actor uses his or her voice, mind, and body through the utilization of exercises and games, through which the students develop ensemble and individual performance skills. Students will learn proper acting warm-up, stage directions, theatre vocabulary, vocal technique, script and scene analysis, characterization, and more. Emphasis will be on practice and practical use of acquired skills. Students are required to participate in the final stage production either in an acting or supportive role or in stage crew capacity.
    The freshman seminar class is a new approach for teaching social and emotional skills to students. This course focuses on the skills and strategies necessary for students to make a successful transition into high school, an academic career, and beyond. The primary objective is to increase students’: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision-making skills. The course focuses on goal setting, academic organization, positive student strategies, self-understanding, proactive behavior, time management, attitude, character education, and leadership. Students will explore the options available in high school, higher education, and the professional world in order to establish both immediate and long-range personal goals. Students will explore their individual learning styles and abilities. Emphasis is placed on collaborative learning, social skills, critical reading/writing skills, and techniques for maximum student engagement.
    I am excited for this year and to get to know each and every one of our awesome kiddos! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!