• Sentinel Deca

    DECA, an Association of Marketing Students, is a student organization existing at the local, state, and national levels that are designed to provide members with educational and leadership development activities that merge with classroom instruction.  DECA membership is open to all students who are taking-or have taken-a Marketing class.

    DECA is not extracurricular; it is co-curricular, meaning it is an integral part of classroom instruction.  The Sentinel DECA chapter seeks to attract students who are interested in preparing for marketing, finance, hospitality, and management careers, including those interested in continuing their education in these areas.  DECA's goal is for its student members to develop a "success kit" to carry into their business and personal lives after graduation. DECA accomplishes this through classroom integration, on-the-job experience, chapter projects and community service, and competency-based competitive events in specific marketing and management occupations at both the state and national levels.

    Mrs. Maria Bray, the Marketing Teacher at Sentinel High School, advises DECA.  If you are interested in sponsoring our chapter, contact Mrs. Bray at 728-2400 x7531 or e-mail her at mbray@mcps.k12.mt.us 
     to find out how you can become part of the Sentinel DECA team.Mrs. Bray