Learning Lab

Learning Lab: Education in Transition

  • Welcome to the Learning Lab: An Educational Program for students between schools, residences, and other placements


    Susan Velikoff  


    The Learning Lab is a district-wide Title I program funded by a federal grant that served students exclusively from the Shirley Miller Attention Home, until 2016, when it moved to Sentinel High School.  Today it also serves students from other youth homes and MCPS students in need of respite.   


    Learning Lab Schedule:

    Period 2:   Morning warm-up:  Journal writing, "I statement", Evidence- based claim about a current event

    Period 3:  Language Arts

    Period 4:   Math

    Lunch:  In classroom recreation

    Period 5:   HPE with Mr. Sklar

    Period 6:  Career and transition skills

    Period 7: Hero's Journey  


    (ISS students work on their own classroom assignments while housed in the Learning Lab)




      Collective Committments

    • We reach out to isolated people.
    • We listen while others are speaking.
    • We grow our brains and spirits.
    • We help and encourage others to make good choices.
    • We respect and care about the needs of others.
    • We make "I statements".




     About Me

    I started teaching in the 1980's in the inner city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin after earning a BA in Elementary Education.     I later obtained certifications in English, Special Education, and English as  New Language.    I earned a MA in Curriculum and Instruction, MS in Special Education and national certificate for trauma-informed practices.

    Teaching, family, and the outdoors are my lifelong passions.