Learning Lab

Learning Lab: Education in Transition and Refocus,

  • Welcome to Room 401 and 403: What can you become?

    Ms. Velikoff, Mr. Waterbury



    Classroom Culture

     This room will be a relaxing and caring environment in which you can pursue academic, social, and emotional growth.      The purpose of our classroom rules and procedures is to ensure your right to learn in a calm, interesting, and supportive environment.   By reflecting on your choices, you can work on creating a better version of yourself.    You are more capable than you realize.

      Be a respectful, responsible learner who supports other people in class.

     Be in class from bell to bell, working quietly, with your phone put away.

    • Students will be kind and helpful.   They will welcome and include all students in the classroom. 
    • Make up-lifting comments to others; not put-downs.  We are a team and will have each other’s backs. 
    • Help your classmates be successful by respecting their right to work in a quiet, safe, calm classroom.
    • Be a good role-model.  Apathy is contagious.  
    • Give “I” messages to others to work out conflicts. 


     Learning Lab Programs

    I.  Credit Recovery

    Purpose:  To give students an opportunity to catch up on lost credits by taking on-line courses through MTDA.  

    Goal:  Complete two or more classes per semester.

    Classroom Expectations:

    Students will work the entire period each day.   On block days, a break will be provided.   When students have exhausted all possibilities of work in their digital course, they will work on other assignments, read a book, check infinite campus or help with a classroom project.  After failing tests or quizzes, students will identify challenging material and review study materials. 


    II.  Refocus


    Purpose:   To  provide students who have been suspended from class the opportunity to stay on campus with a caring adult who will help them get caught up on classwork,  reflect on their current attitudes and progress, work on removing obstacles to their success,  and set new goals.


    III.  Transitional Education

     Purpose:  To provide students from group homes, who are inbetween school placements, the opportunity to  earn credit, prepare for career and beyond, develop better social/ emotional skills, and enhance their skills in Math and reading.


     If you are frustrated….

     Identify your feeling

    • Listen to music
    • Work on a different activity
    • Take a 5 minute break
    • Ask for help
    • Look at your progress and accomplishments
    • Talk to someone
    • Observe your breathing