• Thanks for visiting!! I am updating because of our current online platform. Please read my 'educational philosophy' if you haven't already seen it earlier in the year as well of any of the other areas you might enjoy. But in addition to that, I will be sharing my Top 5 Highlights (sticking with our High-5 Contract in the gym...a 'highlight' is something that stands out to you, you like or you have learned) on the blog below as well.
    I have also updated a few other areas of my pages so I hope you find the information interesting and informative. If you have a 3-5th grader, have them explain some of the photos in the photo gallery and how they related to what they experienced in T2 (trimester 2). 5S is the only class that still needs to get up to speed regarding the vaping photos, as they missed class for their awesome ski field trip, so this will be new information for them and extra information for k-2. 
    Picture of many different emojis
     PE THEME 2019-2020.....is EMOJI!!!!
    Below is our BLUE, SILVER and WHITE color-coded schedule (grades 3-5) plus the days of the week (grades K-2) our students have PE so that you and your student can know when they need to be prepared for PE. If you're not sure what that looks like please reference the Top 5 List from my annual PE letter, if you have not received that, it's possible your email is not in our MCPS Blackboard database so email me directly and I'll get it to you asap!
    Note: M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday F=Friday
    Kindergarten:   Fines T,F; Schaefer M,R; Salisbury M,W; Owens T,R   
    1st grade:  Wogsland M,W; Gornick M,W; Painter T,F; Bogovich T,F    
    2nd grade: Ranstrom and Boehlmer M,W; Reno and Flanagan T,R
    3Loya, Blue                                   
    3Matich, Silver                    
    3Szalay, White                                
    4Bessette, Blue
    4McHugh, Silver
    4Wilsey, White
    5Uerling, Blue
    5Papp, Silver
    5Shepard, White
     For grades 3 - 5: The days are rolling 1,2,3 (blue, silver, white) and exclude holidays. Mrs. Tiffany, our amazing secretary, has a master color-coded schedule of the entire year if you ever need a copy! (as it is next to impossible to memorize). So far we have always started the first day of school on a Blue day so that means Wednesday is Blue, Thursday is Silver and Friday is White. This applies to all specials.  
  • Day 2

    Posted by Brianna Hanson on 3/24/2020

    Hello Riverhawks!


    I will be posting on my blog to let you know how I'm doing and share some highlights from home on occasion.



    Top 5 Highlights

    1. Meditation when I woke up by using the flames in the fireplace, as a place to focus my eyes, as I sat quietly. Then I practiced some deep yoga breathing and repeated my mantra* which is much longer than this example! Ha! *a phrase that can give you focus. For example, May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be safe. May you be at peace.

    2. My husband shared some of his smoothie with me.

    3. Our friend who is living with us during a transition in his life was doing yoga downstairs and then he was off to ski backcountry; it made me smile. 

    4. My 3.5 year old son zooming his rideable car around (that was holding a stash of legos inside) into our office (where I am working from...) to tell me that he wants to change into his 'cat boy' costume (he used it for Halloween but it has become a regular item in his dress-up clothes). So I took a moment to find it in the dryer, use the sewing machine (a 'singer' brand that was my grandmothers-it's so cool looking & still does the job!) to sew a quick hole I had noticed getting bigger and send him on his 'flying way!'

    5. Updating my JRE website; it's really fun to find a way to communicate with all of you!! 


    PS In the photo gallery, can you figure out what 'shape' we made our healthier* cupcakes in? (a circle, a square or a ?) A hint is that it was to remind everyone that we LOVE (with the emoji 'sticking-your-tongue' out sort of way!) you and we will all learn a lot from this pandemic but it will be OK. We will keep calm and carry on (another Mantra you could use!) 

    *still had table sugar (which is what is considered processed sugar! We don't want to eat too much of that)...healthier sweeteners are raw cane sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia BUT we did make them from scratch with our own frosting (fresh strawberries, raspberries, semi-sweet choc chips and coconut oil)...and a graham cracker crumble/pretzel base.

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