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     PE THEME 2019-2020.....is EMOJI!!!!
    Below is our BLUE, SILVER and WHITE color-coded schedule (grades 3-5) plus the days of the week (grades K-2) our students have PE so that you and your student can know when they need to be prepared for PE. If you're not sure what that looks like please reference the Top 5 List from my annual PE letter, if you have not received that, it's possible your email is not in our MCPS Blackboard database so email me directly and I'll get it to you asap!
    Note: M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday F=Friday
    Kindergarten:   Fines T,F; Schaefer M,R; Salisbury M,W; Owens T,R   
    1st grade:  Wogsland M,W; Gornick M,W; Painter T,F; Bogovich T,F    
    2nd grade: Ranstrom and Boehlmer M,W; Reno and Flanagan T,R
    3Loya, Blue                                   
    3Matich, Silver                    
    3Szalay, White                                
    4Bessette, Blue
    4McHugh, Silver
    4Wilsey, White
    5Uerling, Blue
    5Papp, Silver
    5Shepard, White
     For grades 3 - 5: The days are rolling 1,2,3 (blue, silver, white) and exclude holidays. Mrs. Tiffany, our amazing secretary, has a master color-coded schedule of the entire year if you ever need a copy! (as it is next to impossible to memorize). So far we have always started the first day of school on a Blue day so that means Wednesday is Blue, Thursday is Silver and Friday is White. This applies to all specials.