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    The PE THEME for 2023-2024.....is AFRICA! From the Big 5 African Animals (Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Leopard) to feeling the BEAT (of our hearts or drums during the Kids Heart Challenge) we will be thriving (like the Baobab 'Tree of Life') this year!

    Let's make Swahili as easy as...

    1 (Moja), 2 (Mbili), 3 (Tatu)!

             Map of Languages Spoken in African CountriesAfrican Big 5 Safari Animals                     



  • 2021-22 Digital Specialist Brochures

    Posted by Brianna Hanson on 2/26/2022 10:00:00 AM

    Hola Amigos/JR Families!

    As I was putting together my information for the upcoming Trimester 2 P/T conferences, I realized I never posted the digital link to Trimester 1's Specialist Brochure. Though you should have received that via a Blackboard message from our office, I wanted to have the link here as well, given I know some folks don't always get those messages (due to the different email preferences and server errors that can happen within Blackboard). This was an important document for me to convey to you, specifically because it filled the role of my annual 'pe letter.' Therefore, it has all of the basic info you should know to help support your river hawk throughout the school year.

    The Specialist Brochure has been something that is unique to our years during covid as it provides a way for us to communicate what we have been enjoying teaching as other avenues to do this have been different since navigating covid. 

    For Trimester 2, and our last P/T conferences of the year, it has been decided to instead of creating a digital version of a Specialist Brochure that we would create color copies as a physical copy for every grade. I believe your students' homeroom teacher, at P/T conferences, will give you this hand-out as a collaboration of information from your students' specialists including Band and Orchestra (Ryan Belski and Randy Zschaechner teach at many other schools as well). If for some reason you do not get this hand-out, the basic framework of those hand-outs that Jenny Skrivseth (our awesome music teacher) took to create the amazing color-printed version link is here

    As a heart healthy side note, I hope you and yours truly made the most of February as American Heart Month, I LOVE to Read Week and the successful culmination of the KHC (Kids Heart Challenge) on February 11, 2022! Despite me getting covid during our fundraising for the AHA (American Heart Association), even without me there, we were still able to raise over $6,400 to help others. This included the added bonus of AHA thank-you gifts that go back to our students and my pe curriculum! And our 2nd grade classes won the challenge of the most KTK teachers during the KHC and will earn a special class with me. Jace Rollins, as a 5th grader, was our overall top fundraiser, making it his third consecutive year receiving the gold KHC medal for his efforts. How fitting is this?! A true heart hero, as he was born with a special heart and recently had a successful open-heart surgery in 2021. 

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  • Family PE Letter

    Posted by Brianna Hanson on 11/5/2020

    IF you didn't get emailed* my 2020-2021 PE Letter, check out my letter to families here. It has our Specialist Rotation schedule for the entire year included! 

    *The only reason you may not have gotten it is IF your family is not signed up to receive Blackboard emails through the district. I am using the master list of families emails provided to me via Blackboard and therefore I can't even 'see' who the emails are going to...only that they are families associated to the 500 students I teach! 

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