• Scott Mathews  

    Scott Mathews

    Graduation Coach/
    International Baccalaureate CAS Coordinator
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    Hello everyone, my name is Scott Mathews. This is my 17th year at Big Sky. In 2014, I became Big Sky's Graduation Coach. This job has me working with both administration and the school counselors to create solutions that aid struggling students. I work individually with these students to map out a plan for success in academics and social adjustment/connection to school in an attempt to keep them on a path toward both graduation and healthy decision making.  I am passionate about helping students create a trail of achievement here at Big Sky as well as helping them visualize the goals that will be the foundation of their post-graduation plans. 

    This year will be the fifth year of the International Baccalaureate program at Big Sky and I will continue to serve as the IB Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Coordinator.  

    I appreciate the family atmosphere at Big Sky and look forward to assisting our students with challenges both large and small through my work as Graduation Coach and IB CAS Coordinator.