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Language Focused School Information

  • Paxson Elementary School is a Language Focus School offering a Spanish Immersion curriculum for all students, regardless of language background. 
    Our program is suitable for students of all abilities.  Learning an additional language increases cognitive flexibility and is a key goal of the District’s 21st Model of Education and the Achievement for All Plan. 
    • Spanish Immersion:   Students in kindergarten through second grade receive half of their common core instruction in Spanish and half of their common core Instruction in English.  In the lower grades, Spanish literacy and math are taught in Spanish.  English literacy and Social Studies are taught in English.  Science is taught is both English and Spanish. In the upper grades, Spanish literacy is taught in Spanish, English literacy and mathematics are taught in English, and other core subjects are taught in both languages.  The intent of the program is for students to become literate in both languages in all content areas.  In the Spanish Immersion classroom, the Spanish teacher speaks exclusively in Spanish. We are thrilled at the successes we have seen in our program!
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     Language Focus Objectives and Program Benefits

    • Increased cognitive flexibility.
    • Provide a rich academic environment.
    • Develop students' abilities to work successfully in multiple cultural settings.
    • Global citizenship.
    • Offer a rich, culturally diverse experience for the entire school community.
    • Students are well prepared for the global community and job markets where a second language is an asset