• St. Pat's 2016  

          (St. Patrick's Day 2017) 
    Mr. Griffith                                                                         
    Email: degriffith@mcps.k12.mt.us
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         Hello and welcome! My name is Mr. Griffith and I am quite excited to be starting my fifth year of teaching here at Meadow Hill Middle School. This year, I will be teaching four sections of science and one section of history. Before I address academics, I would first like to take up a few lines to introduce myself to your family. 

         I am a fourth generation "Butte Irish" kid who feels extremely lucky to have married my high school sweetheart Barbara. We moved to Missoula immediately after she graciously decided to put up with me forever by saying "I do". We both feel so fortunate to have called Missoula our home for over 28 years now. I am also quite fortunate to have been blessed with two wonderful children. Shawn was born in 1991, graduated from Sentinel in 2009 (Go Spartans!!!), and is currently in his last year of Dental school at the University of Washington. Ashley was born in 1993, graduated from Sentinel in 2011 (Go Spartans!!!), and is currently fulfilling her dream of following daddy into the field of education. She attends the University of Montana (Go Grizzlies-Boo Bobcats) and will also graduate this coming year. In addition to my last four years as a teacher here at Meadow Hill, I have also worked as a Para-Educator, Probation Officer, Detention Officer, and had served 12 years as a member of the Montana Army National Guard. It is through these past experiences, and a life-time calling, that I have found my way into education. You will find that I am quite passionate when it comes to helping ALL students succeed. Success for me is not only defined by your child's academic success but also their social success. Please feel free to contact me for I truly do inspire to have each and every student succeed and I am willing to work hard with you and your family to help achieve this goal.  
         Academically, we are in for a great ride this year with many exciting labs, great days filled with challenging fun, and opportunities to form positive memories about science and history.
         In science, we will continue our success through NGSS standards. NGSS standards use crosscutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and science and engineering practices to actively engage students in asking and answering scientific questions. Students will be actively engaged in creating their own scientific meaning. This is a shift from memorization of facts and teachers delivering information (lecturing) to student-centered exploration (hands-on) where students use guided inquire to develop explanations for scientific phenomena. One vital key to being successful with NGSS is attendance. IT IS DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO REPLICATE THE HANDS-ON EXPERIENCES OF DAILY SCIENCE CLASS THEREFORE: MISSING SCIENCE CLASS SEVERLY HAMPERS A STUDENTS' OVERALL ACADEMIC SUCCESS.
         In social studies, we will be studying "Early Colonial America". We will start out in the 1500's with a strong emphasis being placed on pre-European civilizations and end with the Reconstruction Era (1870's). We will explore how European influence helped shape early America and we will then study how those influences helped create the Country we know and understand today. Students will use a variety of learning styles to include the creation of posters, poems, class presentations, group projects, etc...
         Once again, I send out a big hello to all and look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Please feel free to contact me. The best contact method is to send me an email at degriffith@mcpsmt.org. Lets have a great year, Mr. Griffith.





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