• Exterior of Photo Meadow Hill Middle School 


    Natalie Jaeger, Principal
    Welcome to Smart Schools 2020, a system wide initiative to create school facilities that provide students with the security, technology and dynamic learning environment they need to achieve in school and in life. As your principal, I'm pleased to say that Meadow Hill Middle School is part of that initiative and is planning significant and much-needed changes over the next few years. 
    Built in the 1960's, Meadow Hill Middle School's continued expanding enrollment and limited space are neither conducive to 21st century learning nor ADA compliant.  In addition, the main entrance structure, drop-off/pickup areas and bus lanes do not support the safety of our students, staff, parents and visitors.
    Our proposed option combines both expansion and light touch to meet the needs of students and staff both today and in the future.  The plan focuses on key issues to provide dynamic collaborative spaces, improved entrance and bus lanes, and increased technology access.
    In order to address these key issues, Meadow Hill Middle School has conducted a thoughtful scoping process and is proposing an option that will demolish outdated portions of the school, moderately expand and reconfigure some spaces to improve learning.
    We invite you to learn more about the plan, and get involved in shaping the future of education for our children.  Please feel free to email ncjaeger@mcps.k12.mt.us or call me with questions.

    The School Board has approved our preferred option, pending the passage of a facilities levy in 2015! Learn more about our goals and proposal>

Meadow Hill Middle School Floor Plan

Rendering of Meadow Hill Middle School Floor Plan

Meadow Hill Exterior Concept Rendering

Meadow Hill Middle School Exterior Concept Rendering

Meadow Hill Exterior Concept Rendering with Addition

Meadow Hill Exterior Concept Rendering with Expansion

Meadow Hill Interior Concept Rendering

Meadow Hill Middle School Interior Concept Rendering

Meadow Hill Gym Concept Rendering

Meadow Hill Interior Gym Rendering

Aerial Floor Plan View of Meadow Hill

Aerial View of Meadow Hill Front Entrance Rendering

Aerial Floor Plan of Bus Drop Locations

Aerial View of Bus Drop of Locations for Meadow Hill Rendering