The role they play in a 21st Century Education.


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    Thank you for your interest in Smart Schools, 2020, as system wide initiative to get our public school facilities working smarter for our students, teachers and community.  Here, you'll find important, updated information.  Read up, attend a meeting and help us shape the future of Missoula County Public Schools.

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    Summer 2014 Pilot Projects
    Learn more about 3-pending summer pilot projects....MORE>
    Smart Schools Big Picture Presentation Logo  Smart Schools 2020 Big Picture Presentation.... MORE>
    MCPS has been in the news lately with information about the current status of our technology infrastructure.  Our plans included in the Smart Schools 2020 bond will enable our students to be prepared for their future! MORE>
    Designing Tomorrow's Schools
    See what our schools could look like in the future.....MORE>
    Smart Schools 2020
    Check out the TED Blog!  Learn more about the first school in the Cloud that opened in England.  This is an example of flexible, dynamic learning concepts....MORE>
    Guiding Principles Reviewed
    The long list of Guiding Principles has been through thoroughly reviewed by members of the Facilities Strategic Plan Steering Committee.  MORE> 
    Steering Committee:  MCPS Guiding Principles
    The Facilities Strategic Plan Steering Committee met the week of December 2-6 for a series of in-depth discussions in subcommittees.  MORE> 
    Final Recommendations to the Board of Trustees - April 2015
    Learn more about 3-pending summer pilot projects....MORE>