• Emily Culkin
    (406) 542-4080 
    Hello Russell Bears!
    Welcome back from Spring Break and welcome to online learning! At Russell School we use Zones to help us label and communicate our feelings.  Blue Zone is when your engine is running too slow, such as when you are tired, bored or sad.  Green Zone is when your engine is running "just right." Your body feels calm, focused and ready to be a learn.  Yellow Zone is when your engine is starting to run too fast, such as when you are worried, surprised or frustrated.  Red Zone is when your engine is getting out of control, like when you are very angry. As you adjust to learning from home, you may notice that your Zone changes through out the day.  Remember, it is very normal to have a range of feelings.  Whatever Zone you are experiencing today is okay!!  If you notice yourself feeling blue, yellow or red, try using a coping tool. Some tools you have learned this school year include deep breathing, moving your body, taking a break, listening to music, drawing/painting or writing about your feelings. You can also ask for help from someone you trust. 
    Parents, I am still available to support your child from afar!  If you would like to connect, need strategies to support your child around coping with feelings or managing self care, I can be reached at eeculkin@mcps.k12.mt.us, Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:00.  If you would like to connect through a phone call, please e-mail me and we can set up a scheduled time. I will call you from my cell phone.  It will show up as an "unknown" number.
    Make sure to check out your childs' grade level page for a weekly counseling lesson!
    - Emily Culkin