• The Flagship Program

    The Flagship Program is a community-school partnership whose mission is to enhance the social, academic, cultural and physical achievement of Missoula's young people by creating opportunities, during non-school hours, that help them succeed in school and grow to become healthy and productive adults.  Flagship programs are offered FREE to all students at Lowell, and are run by a bevy of volunteer instructors from the university and community.   
    Flagship is a program of the Western Montana Addiction Services, under the Western Montana Mental Health Center.  The Flagship program is currently located in 8 Missoula County Public Schools, and is funded by a combination of public and private donors on local, state, and federal levels.
    The Flagship program started in 1995 and came to Lowell in the summer of 2006.  At Lowell the program offers a variety of free, fun, and enriching after-school and summer activities that range from sports and science, arts and crafts, to cultural education, mentoring, and community service.  There are 4 Flagship sessions throughout the school year: a 10-week fall session, a 6-week winter session, a 4-week spring session, and 5-week long summer camps.  Brochures are sent home 2-3 weeks before the start of each session, and students are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.  
    The Winter/Spring Brochures are going home this week!  Please have your student bring back a filled brochure by Friday, January 31st.  
    For more information about the Lowell Flagship Program, please contact:
    Isabelle Tutwiler, Lowell Flagship Coordinator, at:
    728-2400 ext. 4425
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    Visit the Flagship website for more details.