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    Most updated Blue/Green Class Supply List for 2020-2021

    Please contact Maestra D (  if getting any of the supplies below may be a hardship for your family, and know that we will ensure that every kiddo has what they need. Also, if you are in a position to contribute extra school supplies for those who may need them, we thank you very much and welcome your donations.  

    ■ 1 set of over-the-ear headphones (label with name)

    ■ 1 School Backpack

    ■ Daily face mask (and an extra in case of breakage!)

    ■ Gym shoes to leave at school

    ■ One hard sided pencil box Approx. (8 ½”x 5”)

    ■ 1 box of fat markers (8-10 count) 

    ■ 1 box of crayons (24 count boxes only, please) 

    ■ 48 pencils sharpened (please make sure they are sharpened in advance!) 

    ■ 1 handheld pencil sharpener with built-in cap for shavings 

    ■ 6 glue sticks

    ■ 4 pink rubber erasers 

    ■ One 3-ring binder (vinyl, 1 inch only, please)

    ■ 1 box of colored pencils (24 count) 

    ■ water bottle with a spill-proof lid (bring home each day to wash and refill)

    ■1 paper towel roll or package of napkins

    ■ Hand sanitizer in a pump



     Thanks in advance! :)



Degrees and Certifications: