Queridos Padres,

    ¡Bienvenidos!  I´m delighted to once again embark on another amazing year of exploration through Spanish with such hardworking, dedicated and eager groups of young learners.  I welcome those newcomers to our Spanish program who have already demonstrated their willingness to take risks to learn a second language.

    We have a busy year in store as we continue to develop the four language domains; speaking, listening, reading and writing-all in Spanish!  We will do this through content and concept-based learning as we address 3rd grade Common Core Standards.

    As you may already know, each day our kids spend one of third their instructional time learning content through Spanish.  Kids will develop their speaking, reading and writing proficiency as they explore Science and Social Studies themes.  As expected, there will be lots of support provided across classes to be sure kids understand important concepts, build essential vocabulary and develop skills in both languages.

    If your child is a newcomer to Spanish, rest assured we will work with him/her to quickly move from “survival Spanish” to a conversational level, and on to greater academic proficiency.

    I greatly appreciate your support this year.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact me via a phone call or e mail.