• Information about Privacy


    We follow the guidelines set by the American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics. This means that the information you share with us remains private unless you give us permission to share the information, or if school policy or law requires us to share this information. Please ask us any questions you have about privacy.

    When would I share your information?

    • When you ask me to share information with a teacher, parent, or other individual.

    • When you tell me you plan to cause serious harm or death to yourself. I would need to tell your parent/guardian and possibly other adults at the school in order to keep you safe from hurting yourself.

    • When you tell me you plan to cause serious harm or death to another person. I would need to tell your parent/guardian and the person you were intending to harm.

    • When you tell me you are doing something that could seriously harm you or others even when you do not intend any harm.

    • When you tell me that you, another child, or another elderly person is being abused physically, emotionally, or sexually. In this case I am required by law to report the abuse to state services.


        Please note that in any situation in which a parent/guardian or state service agency needs to be notified, we can talk about this together and come up with a plan of how you can share the information with them, how you want us to share information with them, or how we can share the information together.


        A Note For Parents regarding confidentiality

        Many parents wonder what information I can share with them. As explained above, in serious situations and when applicable, I would speak with you. Usually parents want to know how their child is doing. I am happy to share general information with you, or specific information if your child has asked me to share that information with you. Overall, I hope to work together with you to help your child overcome any obstacles that are preventing him/her from doing his/her best in school. Again, feel free to ask me any questions. 


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