Dr. Ferrell's Lewis and Clark Grade 5 website

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    Hello 2019-20  Students,
            Welcome to the Fifth Grade!  You are now on "top of mountain" and so, you are the role models for all of the younger students. Please be the kind of role model that you would have wanted, and of which you and your parents will be proud.
            We will work together to make this your best year ever! I hope this website will give you some of the information you need. I have tried to make it simple, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. If it is not, please see me and tell me - face-to-face, which, by the way, is still the best way to communicate!
             Let us make the 180 days together everything that is the best for you for this year 2019-20.
                                                               Mrs. Ferrell
                                                               Room 210 (on the side of the school where the sun rises)
    Parents and guardians:
    Please feel welcome to the classroom any time.  If you have personal questions please see me in the classroom when students are elsewhere. Do not hesitate to email me with questions or concerns. At school I will try and answer emails before 8:00 a.m., but rarely after that time as I will not be checking email during student class time.  At home I will check emails before 8 p.m.  Also I will not be answering the phone in the classroom during student hours.  If you have an emergency, call the secretary please.
    One of Lewis and Clark's general school rules is to limit the types of calls students may make during the day and after school. For example, calling home from the school phones for permission to go to someone's house is not allowed. Plans need to be made prior to school. If a student has a cell phone, it must remain in his or her backpack turned off during the school hours.
    Emergency calls are always allowed, from my room or the office. This would be calls relating to health, NOT forgotten homework or musical instrument.  So please know that if your child has a health emergency he or she will be able to call, or a staff member will call you.
     Friendly exception:
    Every student in my class gets ONE "Call Home Free" card for a forgotten instrument or homework - once used, no more! It is up to the parent as to whether or not he or she will bring the forgotten item to school. :-)
     I have found that a nutritious snack after first recess is welcomed by students.  So please feel free to send with your student anything other than candy, and preferably a "quiet" food!  Water bottles are welcome as well for the whole day.  If your child has any allergies or other health needs, please let the school nurse and me aware.
    I will NOT be posting student photos, names, or other personal information on any websites.  Also blogs will not be part of our classroom technology.   Students will have use of the three classroom computers for classwork only.  Otherwise, Mr. Nordtome will conduct media classes in the computer lab weekly. 
    Again, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!  I look forward to parents on field trips and class parties.  For field trips you will need to sign up through the district as a volunteer.  The application is online and costs $6 for the background check.  Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    Background information:  I completed my doctorate in Education from the University of Montana, and have taught in the Missoula County Public Schools for 32 years. My husband is a retired school psychologist. I have two children, both practicing attorneys on the West Coast.  Besides teaching, I enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling.

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     Daily Schedule for Mrs. Ferrell's Fifth Grade

      8:23             First bell (Tardy bell at 8:25)

      8:30-   8:50   Attendance, lunch count, pledge, announcements

      8:50- 10:00   Literacy

    10:00- 10:15   Recess

    10:20- 11:05   Literacy

         10:30-11:10 Media on Wednesdays                      

    11:10- 11:50   Special Class (P.E., Music, Spanish)

    11:50- 12:40   Lunch, then Recess

    12:40-   1:10   Band/Orchestra 

       1:10-  2:00   Math                                                         

       2:00-  2:15   Recess

       2:20-  3:20   Inquiry

       3:20-  3:30   Assignment Agendas, Clean-Up

       3:30             Dismissal







    Quick contact information for Mrs. Ferrell:

    Classroom Phone: 728.2400 ext. 4370

    Email: lferrell@mcps.k12.mt.us 



    Happy Days!     Visit us in Room 210