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    I have taught kindergarten for 28 years because KINDERGARTEN ROCKS!!!  This year brings so much growth-social, emotional and academic-that there is never a dull moment!
    I have 3 grown daughters of my own.  They went to Lewis and Clark when they were young!  I also have a puppy named Sunshine Danger.  I love to ski, hike, read and spend time with 5 and 6-year-olds!
    Here is the schedule for a typical day in Kindergarten:

                8:15                            Meet on the playground, line #4.  Please be on time every day!

                8:30-9:30                   Morning meeting and Literacy

                9:40-9:55                   Recess

                10:00-10:45             Literacy 

    10:50-11:40               Lunch first, recess second

    11:50-12:10              Read aloud

    12:10-1:05                Math

    1:05--1:55                  Specials

    2:05-2:20                   Recess  

    2:25                           Thursday Dismissal

    2:45-3:00                   Purposeful Play

    3:00-3:15                   Closing meeting and dismissal-bus friends to the bus, riders/walkers to line #4

    Melissa Cooper
    Lewis and Clark Elementary School,              
    (406)728-2400 extension 4358
    Sunshine Danger