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  • Maree Mitchell
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    Hi, I teach 9th grade Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS) and 12th grade Biomedical Innovations (BI).  Both are part of the Health Science Academy (HSA) curriculum.
    • PBS is the initial HSA class.  It introduces students to human biology, careers in biomedical science, how to design experiments, and how to use different laboratory techniques as we investigate a mysterious death.  Along the way, we study genetics, nutrition, forensic science, and the heart (and maybe infectious disease).  
    • BI is the capstone class of the HSA.  In BI students are required to come up with a project, complete it and present it to an audience.  The project must fall into one of three categories: a more typical research based "science fair" type project,  a project that solves a problem, or a project that designs something.  In BI I will be providing support and practice to aid in defining and completing this project.  
    Both PBS and BI emphasize writing, critical thinking, making presentations, using evidence to support conclusions, and using technology. 
    Both classes use standards based grading which promotes the idea that practice is required in order to reach understanding. Students do not lose credit for not understanding the first time they see the material. Instead, they are expected to monitor their progress and, with help and practice, increase their understanding.  Assessments are divided into two categories: formative and summative. Formative assessments are the practice portion-- including activities, homework, some experiments, as well as drafts of long-term assignments and projects. Summative assessments are the final check-in for understanding and take place after a series of formative assessments.  Students can revise formative work.  Summative work is the final assessment of a topic.
    I will post major topics, homework papers, assessment due dates, and videos on my Google Classroom Page.  Please check this page to print lost papers or find out what a student might be missing if they are sick or absent.  Each student will sign up for my Google Classroom page on the first day.  The code for my page will be given to them at that time. 
    I am most accessible by email (listed above) or by using the remind app.  Calling on my school extension is not the best way to contact me.  Emailing or messaging me using the Remind app is the best way to communicate.  I check at least once a day. Please use the following email: mmmitchell@mcps.k12.mt.us
    In order to use the remind app you will need to download the remind app on your phone and then text this number 81010.  If you are in 5th period BI or have a student in 5th period BI text @bi5th2. If you are in 6th period BI or have a student in 6th period BI, text @bi6t.  If you are in PBS or have a student in PBS, text @78f3h7a.