Amy Robinson 3rd Grade

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    Hello!  My name is Amy Robinson. I teach third grade at Lowell School.  You can reach me at 406-728-2400 ext. 4420 or  

    3/23--Important Information--Please follow these steps to join our online learning platform:
    • I will be using my Google Classroom page as the learning and communication platform. If your child does not remember their username/password, please email me and I can check for it or notify the Help Desk that the password needs to be reset.
    • Here are the steps to get into the classroom:
    • Go to
    • at the bottom of the page, click on the Webconnect tab
    • There are three columns, go to the center column (STUDENTS) and click on CLEVER
    • At this point, the student will be prompted to login with Google. They are used to this step on the school device, but since we are doing remote learning, the login is different. 
    • If the student's name was John Smith, his username is Please make sure your student remembers the, as this is new to them.
    • Then they will put in their password.
    • This will bring them to the CLEVER page, then they should click on the Google Classroom app. This will direct you to the Classroom.