21st Century Model of Education

  • In collaboration with employees, students, parents and community members, Missoula County Public Schools embarked on a process during the 2010-11 school year to identify the most effective elements in a model of education that would inspire teaching and learning environments where students effectively master the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in 21st century careers and life challenges.

    The process resulted in the District's 21st Century Model of Education, which integrates six key elements into the teaching and learning process and results in schools and classrooms that engage students on new levels and incorporate the technology that they use in their everyday lives.
    Missoula County Public Schools' Vision for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
     We communicate; we collaborate; we think critically; and we create.

     We are Missoula County Public Schools — educational leaders in a global society —

    fostering uncompromising excellence and empowering all learners.

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