• PACE (Practice, Activity Choice, Enrichment)

    PACE occurs the last 30 minutes ofeach school day and has two purposes:

    1. Support students academically—immediately

    2. Motivate students to do their bestconsistently


             Support Students academically – as soon as they need it.

             Provide specific and timely support within the school day.

             Provide opportunity for students to redo work, make up work, and receivetutoring and intervention before instruction moves on to other topics.

             Support provided by subject area teachers.



             Motivate Students to do their best - consistently

            Motivate students by offering immediate and developmentally relevantRewards

            Rewards include fun, attractive activities that allow opportunities tointeract with peers –i.e., basketball, study hall, walking.

            Include opportunities to select artistic or intellectually engagingactivities – i.e., chess, math counts, research, enrichment units, and quiettime.
    Visit the PACE Calendar page for details of Monthly Activities.