• Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) is a combined effort of MCPS and Western Montana Mental Health Center that provides emotional and behavioral support to students at school. CSCT staff help students with various issues that can affect their ability to be successful in school as well as other areas of life.
    Our support services include individual sessions, group sessions, family support, lunch group, and in-class support. We also offer group as a class to our students in which they are able to earn credit.
    Students, parents, Big Sky staff, or other providers may refer students to our program.
    Please call us with questions about our program or if you would like to make a referral.
    Big Sky CSCT staff:
    Erica House
    Kristin Baumgartner, BSW
    728-2400 ext. 8669
    Emilie Burke, MSW
    Nico Christopher, BS             
    728-2400 ext. 8609
    Brock Belgarde
    Nichole Mitchell 
    728-2400 ext. 8625