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    Craig Messerman  

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    Integrated Science 1 is a freshmen-level science course that combines Earth science and biology topics. Our main goal is to foster inquiry and critical thinking in all of our students using Next-Gen science standards. We believe in collecting data and constructing concepts.

    Physics is an upper-level science course that emphasizes the interactions of objects containing matter and energy. Topics include linear motion, 2D motion, forces, energy, electricity, waves, sound, and light.

    Applied Physics and Engineering is a hands-on course for grades 10-12 that revolves around the VEX robotics system. Students build and analyze simple machines, compound machines, energy systems, trusses and bridges, and structural materials. We also learn Robot-C programming and build automated machines to carry out specific tasks.


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    1: Prep
    2: Integrated Science 1
    3: Physics
    4: Applied Physics and Engineering (APE)
    5: Integrated Science 1
    6: Integrated Science 1
    7: Integrated Science 1
    8: Prep


  • Physics 1 Week 38

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 6/2/2014
    Review and test this week.
    Here's the review slides:
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  • IESPS Week 38

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 6/2/2014
    Wrapping it up this week:
    Finish Astro targets, review on Thursday for Astro test on Monday. 
    Here are the first three review slides: astro1 astro2 astro3 astro4 astro5 astro6 astro7 astro9
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  • Physics 1 week 37

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/26/2014
    Tuesday 5/27/14
    1. Go over test
    2. PHET solar system simulator. GRAV6, I can describe the orbits of planets.http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/my-solar-system Find three characteristics of planetary orbits using the simulator.
    3. Discussion of orbits.
    Thursday 5/29/14
    1.Chapter 7 Sec. 2 (GRAV7) Problem sets. 
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  • IESPS week 37

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/26/2014
    Wednesday 5/28/14
    1. Graph height/shoe size data.
    2. Graph star data
    3. Discuss relationships in data, and identify life stages of stars.
    Friday  5/30
    1. Argumentative essay assignment: where should we explore in space? 
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  • Physics 1 week 36

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/19/2014
    Tuesday 5/20/14.............Finishing centripetal force and circular motion lab, and starting to test Gravity scenes with the air table.
    Wednesday 5/22..........Continue work with air table.
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  • IESPS Week 36

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/19/2014
    Monday 5/19/14..............We are finishing ASTRO 1 and 2 today, then moving on to 3, calculating travel times to planets and stars.
    Wednesday 5/21............We will finish ASTRO 3, then revisit atomic spectra with ASTRO 4, in which we will explain how to identify elements in space using spectra. Probably watch some COSMOS too!
    How about a quiz?
    1. What is the percent error if you were supposed to step out 100 meters, and you end up at 99 meters?
    2. What is the percent error of you were supposed to step out 50 meters, but you ended up at 49 meters?
    3. How long would it take us to talk to Proxima Centaurians with a radio? (radio waves travel at the speed of light, and Proxima Centauri is 4 light years away from us.)
    4. How long would it take a rocket traveling 2.0 km/s to get to Jupiter, 750,000,000 km from Earth?
    Friday 5/23.............ASTRO 5, relationships in scatter plots.
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  • IESPS Week 35

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/11/2014
    Monday 5/12/14: We begin Astronomy with the scale model of the solar system. Calculations first, then the walk.
    Thursday 5/15: Determine percent error for student estimations of the location of Jupiter and Saturn. 
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  • Physics 1 week 35

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/11/2014
    Tuesday 5/13/14: Lab: centripetal force and rotational motion.
    Friday 5/16: Finish lab, begin making pucks and designing materials for tests of scenes from Gravity. 
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  • IESPS week 34

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/4/2014
    Tuesday 5/6/14: Team test with clickers! (for review), then we'll start the test, finish on Thursday.
    Here are the review slides:  geo1 geo2 geo3 geo4 geo5 geo6 geo7 geo8 geo9
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  • Physics 1 week 34

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/4/2014
    Monday 5/5/14: Review the rest of the targets.
    Wednesday 5/7: WSL 12-21 (minus 18,19) TEST 
    REVIEW SLIDES: wsl12  wsl13 wsl14 wsl15 wsl16-17 wsl20 wsl21 wsl22
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