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  • Ross Nickerson

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    Brief chronology:
    May 1982
        Graduated from Univ. of Idaho with B.S. in Accounting
    Jan 1983 to Aug 1990
        Worked for small accounting firm and DoD's
        Defense Contract Audit Agency in Salt Lake and Boise.
    Aug 1990 to Aug 2000
        After switching places with my wife, Norma, I assumed
        the duties of Mr. Mom including being a Pre-school
        Vice-President and President, volunteering in elementary
        classrooms and coaching several dozen YMCA soccer
        and basketball seasons and Little League T-ball and
        baseball.  I also coached a few seasons each of High
        School and Middle School volleyball.
    Dec 1998
        Graduated from Univ. of Montana with a B.A. in
        Mathematics Education.
    Aug 2000 to present
        Big Sky Mathematics Teacher 
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