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    LanAnn Bryant
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    Welcome to Vocational Preparation 2

    This class focuses on transition to the world of work and is designed for juniors and seniors that have successfully completed Vocational Preparation I.  Vocational Preparation 2 provides an opportunity to work at The Eagle’s Nest Thrift Store/stockroom or an off campus work experience.  Students are required to either have a job they found on their own (Co-Op) or they must take a volunteer position to participate in Vocational Prep 2. Students will be required to sign a contract with an employer or supervisor, and complete weekly employment record sheets (timesheets). Students will complete a resume', write a business letter, learn soft skills needed for the world of work, complete a variety of applications, and do career assessement to help them decide the next step after high school.

    Welcome to Introduction to Exceptionalities 

    This class teaches students how to assist students that live with a disability during their Vocational Preparation class. Voc. Prep students will explore their strengths and needs in relation to school and careers.  They will be given interest assessments that will help them to identify careers to learn about.  Students will also learn about communication and job skills in the workplace.  Job applications, resumes, interviewing, and appropriate dress and hygiene for the workplace will also be addressed.  In addition, this class allows the students to work an on-campus work site with supervision.  This is where YOU, as an exceptionalities student, will act as a student’s job coach while they are at their on-campus jobs.  There are a number of different jobs to do around the school and will be assigned to the students upon interest, maturity, and behavior.  Exceptionalities students will also go through Montana Employment Specialist Training (INVEST).

    Welcome Study Skills


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