• Monday and Wednesday- health days
    Tuesday and Friday- PE days
    Thursday- Library day
    HOMEWORK- All formative and summative assessments will be completed in class unless CLEARLY stated on the website (and student agendas).  This means you will rarely have "homework" for health and PE. Since we have to share materials with the entire 7th grade (materials are short), all students will be expected to utilize their health/PE class time wisely to stay on track with their assignments.   
    PE- Please make sure to bring a change out of clothes with you every Tuesday and Friday for PE. 
    Health- Update: While we are doing online learning, you can find and turn in all Health assignments on Mrs. Kline's Google Classroom. The code is ukq3gx3. If you do not attend Health classes, you do not need to do the online assignments.
    I will be providing you with a health packet for each unit. Please make sure to bring this packet with you to class every Monday and Wednesday. We are moving on to our 4th unit, Substance Abuse and Prevention: Alcoholism.  Learning targets for this unit include:
    • I can identify the different varieties of alcohol and their serving size
    • I can identify and explain what factors of drinking affect a person
    • I can explain short term and long term effects of alcohol on different body systems
    • I can explain the physical, mental, and social risks of alcohol use