• Be prepared for P.E. by bringing the 5 S's (Self, Shirt, Shorts/Sweatpants, Socks, and Shoes)

    • Activities we will be participating in include the following;

      • Warm-up and Cool-Downs

      • Cardio Games

      • Swing Dance

      • Yoga & Stretching

      • Strength Building  and Conditioning Stations

    • Sports we play include:

      • Badminton

      • Basketball

      • Cooperative Games

      • Disc Golf-Folfing

      • Floor Hockey

      • Flag Football

      • Pickleball

      • Running-5K training

      • Soccer-Indoor and Outdoor

      • Softball

      • Swing Dance

      • Yoga and Stretching

      • Volleyball


    • S1.M4.6

      Passes and Receives with hands in combination with locomotor patterns of running and change of direction & speed with competency in invasion games such as basketball, flag football, speedball, and team handball.

    • S1.M10.6

      Shoots on goal with power in a dynamic environment as appropriate to the activity.

    • S1.M11.6

      Maintains defensive-ready position, with weight on balls of feet,  arms extended and eyes on midsection of the offensive player.

    • S2.M1.6

      Creates open space by using locomotor movements (e.g., walking, running, jumping and landing) in combination with movements (e.g., varying pathways; change of speed, direction or pace.)

    • S2.M4.6 

      Reduces open space on defense by making the body larger and reducing passing lanes

    • S2.M6.6

      Transitions from offense to defense or defense to offense by recovering quickly

    • S3.M2.6

      Participates in self-directed moderate physical activity outside of physical education. (Moderate physical activity is defined as an elevated heart rate, 90-120 bpm.)

    • S3.M12.6

      Describes the roles of warm-ups and cool-downs before and after physical activity.

    • S4.M1.6

      Exhibit personal responsibility by using appropriate etiquette, demonstrating respect for facilities and exhibiting safe behaviors.

    • S4.M4.6

      Accept differences among classmates in physical development,  maturation and varying skill levels  by providing encouragement and positive  feedback.

    • S5.M1.6

      Describe how being physically active leads to a healthy body.


    Quarter 1 

    Health Triangle

    Healthy Relationships

    Safety and Injury Prevention: Bullying and Harassment, Cyberbullying

    Quarter 2

    Mental, Emotional, and Social Health: Responsible Decision Making

    S.O.S-Suicide Prevention Program

    Quarter 3

    Healthy Dietary Habits: Nutrition

    Physical Growth and Development: Human Sexuality

    Quarter 4

    Substance Abuse Prevention (Marijuana, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes)



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