• Mark Thane Superintendent's Message
    The mission, vision and core beliefs of Missoula County Public Schools are the foundation for the future of our schools. We will continue to foster the development of an inspired 21st Century Educational Culture that improves lifelong student achievement, develops remarkable educational leaders and engages the Missoula community in the future of its children.

      “Forward Thinking, High Achieving” is a tagline that we use at Missoula County Public Schools.  It highlights our goal of continuous improvement of existing programs while also seeking to identify new opportunities to enhance student engagement.  MCPS continues to strive for success for every student every day, and this year will be no exception. 

    We are transforming our district’s future through implementation of our 21st Century Model of Education and the “Achievement for All” five-year instructional strategic plan which call for enhanced student engagement, updated learning environments, increased collaboration and communication with all stakeholders, more “personalized” professional growth opportunities for staff, and development of a culture of innovation throughout the district. 

    This fall we will place two bond requests on the November election ballot that are designed to support all students and staff with buildings that meet the vision expressed by the community in the 21st Century Model of Education. These bonds are the result of three years of planning work which engaged students, families, MCPS staff and community members. The bonds will provide the necessary investment in our schools to repair aging buildings, update technology infrastructure and increase capacity for our growing student body.  Great school facilities will enhance student learning; well-educated students will yield a high-quality workforce which will attract new businesses and jobs.  Improving our schools will truly be an investment in our local economy. 

    At MCPS, we want students to succeed academically and graduate regardless of their circumstances and abilities. Each and every student is important; our dedicated educators work hard to ensure that each student is learning and succeeding in the classroom. Together, with continued community support and dedication to our children, we will continue to increase academic rigor, improve graduation rates and prepare our students for post-secondary and workforce success. 

    Our hopes, dreams and vision will continue to move us toward greater achievement. Together we can continue to move MCPS to a new American standard of public education. I look forward to partnering with the Missoula community to provide the foundation to ensure success for all students. 
    Missoula County Public Schools Vision Statement: 

    We communicate; we collaborate; we think critically; and we create. We are Missoula County Public Schools - educational leaders in a global society - fostering uncompromising excellence and empowering all learners.

    Mark Thane Signature  
     Mark A. Thane
    Superintendent, Missoula County Public Schools