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  • Who can participate?
    All students at Paxson are welcomed into the Spanish Immersion program. In grades 3-5, all students receive Spanish instruction at a level that is appropriate for their language skills and background.  
    If my child participates in Spanish Immersion, is he/she expected to participate through high school?
    Once your child has entered the Spanish Immersion Program, we are hopeful that they will continue through high school. However, after elementary,  the choice is yours.  Once the immersion students enter middle school, they will have the opportunity to receive Social Studies instruction in Spanish.  They will also be encouraged to take a year-long elective in Spanish. Once they enter high school, immersion students will have the opportunity to take dual credit courses earning college credit while advancing their language skills.
    Are there opportunities to volunteer in the classroom?
    Yes!  Please!  We love our Paxson volunteers and we can keep you busy in either program.
    Why Spanish?
    Spanish opens the doors to many domestic and international career opportunities.
    Professions such as those in medicine, international distribution, the oil and gas industry, power generation, technology goods, aviation and other transportation technologies encompass extensive Spanish-speaking networks.
    Knowledge of the Spanish language is also an asset in the fields of literature, the fine arts, cinema, law, and business.  Many of major international businesses and organizations, as well as American companies, regularly recruit candidates who speak Spanish.  
    Spanish is quickly becoming a dominant language and soon, Spanish speakers will be the largest ethnic group in the United States.  Speaking Spanish benefits anyone who plans to live in a large US city, now and in the future!