Strategic Goals

  • Graduation Matters Missoula is led by a stakeholder group that represents broad sectors of the Missoula community. The initiative is coordinated by an Executive Committee that meets monthly. There are four focus areas that direct the initiative’s efforts and strategic goals. Sub-committees associated with each focus area are made up of a cross-section of stakeholders.

    • Focus Areas
      • Improve Attendance
      • Engage Families and Community
      • Enhance Student Wellness
      • Increase Kindergarten Readiness



Five-Year Goals

    • 21st Century Learning Objective: Learning (Quadrant), Increase Student Engagement (21st Century Change Element)
    • District Goal: Student Achievement for All, achievement and graduation for all students regardless of their circumstances and abilities.
    • Program/Priority to Watch: Graduation Matters Missoula
    • June 2019 Benchmarks: 96% cohort graduation
    • Your Role: Volunteer in the classroom. Encourage learning and discovery outside of the classroom. Hold students accountable. Encourage students to find programs that excite them. Support programs through public funding by voting and speaking to state legislators.


Benchmark Graduation Rates

  • 2015 - 90%

    2016 - 92%

    2017 - 94%

    2018 - 95%

    2019 - 96%


Sub-Committee Goals

    • Improve Attendance - overall district attendance rate increase, building level bench marks
    • Engage Families and Community - volunteer numbers, apprenticeships, internships, co-ops, job shadows, etc.
    • Enhance Student Wellness - MBI SET scores, BMI data, reduction in offenses
    • Increase Kindergarten Readiness - define, academic, social/emotional


Support Graduation Matters Missoula

  • All stakeholders are encouraged to get involved in Graduation Matters Missoula. Become informed and stay involved!

    Mentor a student. Share your special skills; provide an internship or job-shadow opportunity. 

    Support local schools. Volunteer your time; adopt a classroom; tutor students.