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    Parents, students, community members and friends of MCPS, we are excited to share updates about the District with you on a more regular basis.  The website and Facebook pages always have up-to-date information and interesting stories to share about student work, good news and important meetings.  This newsletter is designed to provide you with a little more in depth knowledge about happenings around the District.  We plan to send you updated newsletters with stories of interest in a Fall, Winter and Spring edition.
    • Below are the featured articles in this edition of the MCPS E-Newsletter. 

    Smart Schools 2020 Bond Update
    SS2020 A significant opportunity exists for the Missoula community to invest in the education of future generations; just as residents have done for us in the past. Communities that value education, lead the nation in economic development, business startups and salaries. Smart Schools 2020 is a $70 million high school district bond and $88 million elementary school district bond developed to support 21st century learning in every school in every neighborhood.

    The physical infrastructure of Missoula County Public Schools is outdated; the District needs to invest in renovations and updates that address long-term maintenance needs as well as new classroom design. Smart Schools 2020 teams in each school have created intelligent, dynamic ideas that will increase collaboration on all levels and to enhance student and staff implementation of technology. Construction has the potential to start as soon as January of 2016. Visit www.mcpsmt.org or your schools’ webpage for specific information about what could be possible at your school.

    Introducing Interim Superintendent Mark Thane

    Missoula County Public Schools is proud to welcome Mark Thane as the Interim Superintendent for the 2015-16 school year. Mr. Thane has worked for the district for more than thirty years, starting his career as a student teacher at Franklin Elementary school. His career as a classroom teacher continued for another 7 years before he filled roles as the principal of Target Range Elementary, C.S. Porter Middle and Chief Charlo Elementary. After 28 years filling roles within school buildings, Mr. Thane transferred to district level leadership, serving as an Executive Regional Director and Executive Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations. His position as Interim Superintendent will start officially on July 1, 2015.
    Mark Thane “I am inspired by the dedication, perseverance and talent of our students and staff on a daily basis. In my 35 years in education in Missoula, I have found a few things to be clearly evident. Missoulians care about education, we raise our children to be knowledgeable and capable, and we teach our students to care about each other. We take our commitment to education seriously. I look forward to continuing the legacy of strong academic success and strong leadership within the Missoula County Public Schools.”

            - Mark Thane 

    Seeley Swan Senior Highlight

    J Brownfield Seeley Swan High School senior, John Brownfield graduates in less than a month and will finish school having imparted a legacy of laughter, diligence and patience even though he faces challenges every day. To communicate, John must speak through his Dynavox and it’s common to find him sharing his infectious laugh with fellow students who love to interact with him via, “the box” as well as patrons that frequent the Seeley Public Library. The Dynavox is attached to John's walker that assists him as he goes through the halls at school. Despite having to use a walker, this spring John accomplished something he’s never done before; after competing for four years as a Special Olympics athlete, he bowled a career high score of a 141 and was awarded a blue ribbon! Before that, he had never even broken 100.
    In addition to bowling, John pushes himself to improve in daily activities like walking; to build his endurance he works on walking without the assistance of his walker or help from his paraeducators. John has taught many at Seeley about patience and according to him, "good things take a while," and  when he’s given a task like vacuuming hallways or rooms he takes his time, is detailed and cleans it extremely well. John can proudly graduate from Seeley June 7, knowing that he will be remembered as a student with a wonderful & positive outlook on life who brightens the days of those around him.

    Registering for School in the Summer

    Do you or someone you know have kids that need to register for school? In the summer, K-8 schools are closed June 15 to August 14. To enroll during that time, parents can go to the Administration Building located at 215 South 6th Street West. Enrollment will begin at the K-8 schools again starting on August 17. For high school registration parents can go directly to the main office of their neighborhood high school throughout the summer. To begin the enrollment process now, click here for the District’s new online pre-enrollment.
    green bus   

    Special Olympics Montana State Summer Games - May 19-22 - Missoula

    Centered in Missoula and the surrounding area, special events and competition – including bowling, aquatics, kayaking, cycling, track and field, equestrian and golf venues, the 2015 State Summer Games unfold in a swell of intensity and joy!


    Join the fun and cheer for Montana’s most inspiring athletes! The Games are free and open to the public.

    BE A VOLUNTEER – to register to be a Volunteer, visit www.somt.org/volunteer/, or call the volunteer hotline (406) 523-4343.


    Flagship Summer Camps 
    flagship Flagship is running 4 (5 week long) summer camps at Washington Middle School, CS Porter Middle School, Lowell Elementary and a combined program for Hawthorne/Franklin at Franklin Elementary this summer. Camp dates are: June 15 - July 17, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Each week is a different thematic camp. Check out the Flagship website for more info and to download a brochure to sign up: http://www.flagshipprogram.org/.