• Exterior Photo of Russell Elementary School 


    Our proposal to improve the building is designed to ensure Russell Elementary School students have a facility that meets the educational needs of 21st-century high school students.  When complete, Russell will be a smarter school in many ways, including: 
    • One building for all students and staff, offering a greater sense of both security and community.
    • Lunchroom separate from the gymnasium, where students can take the necessary time needed to eat lunch and socialize.
    • Collaboration spaces for students, teachers and parents.
    • An obvious main entry and secure waiting area.
    • Dynamic technology options for classes and staff through high-speed/high-volume fiber optic distribution and enhanced robust wireless and hard-wired access points.
    • Acoustical materials between learning areas and breakout areas improve sound control.
    • Reconfigured north parking lot.
    • Expanded playfields.

           Image of Russell Elementary Diagram     



    • Eliminate modular spaces.
    • Improve classroom space.
    • Improve lunchroom space.
    • Improve gymnasium space.
    • Reconfigure parking and student drop-off area.
    • Enlarge playfields.
    • Technology improvements.
    • Replace roof.
    • Boiler and heat distribution.
    • Safety and security improvements.



    Modify facility to create obvious main entry, secure waiting area and ability to observe visitors approaching the building.  Subdivide the building into secure zones with electronically activated door closers.
    Develop high-speed/high-volume fiber optic distribution to breakout spaces for projects, presentations and technology in each learning community, enhanced with robust wireless and hard-wired access points. 
    Install barn doors and garage doors with quality acoustical materials between learning areas and breakout areas for projects, presentations and technology.  Create small learning communities for teams of teachers and students that include traditional classroom as well as important support spaces for 1:1 tutoring, small groups, planning centers, storage, etc.