• In this course, you will develop an understanding of the principles, institutions and practices of the United States government and its political economy. In the first quarter we will focus on U. S. citizenship. We will spend considerable time making connections through the study of Current Events. Service to the community is a required element of this course. Students must complete 8 hours of service before December 20, 2019. This class is a requirement for graduation.


    Classroom Code of Conduct

    Be on time with the supplies you need.

    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Teacher’s desk and computer is off limits

    Respect others: keep hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself.

    Food and drink (water only) are allowed; however, it may not disrupt the learning process

    Cell Phones will be turned off and placedin the class phone caddy at the beginning of class and remain in their holder until the end of class. Cell phones will be permitted for learning opportunities per Ms. Shepard's directions. 

    Bring a positive attitude to class that shows you care about your progress in high school, and TRY YOUR BEST!


    Course Requirements

    Attendance: Attendance of all classes is required. Absences must be excused and all work made up within one week.

    Classroom Participation: You are required to participate in all classroom activities including discussions and individual or group work.

    Homework: You will have some homework in this class and it may require computer and internet use. I will give you amble time to complete these assignments, in case there is computer usage issues. If you do not have computer or internet at home, you can use the Library computers or any of the other labs in the school. You are also welcome to come into my room during lunch, before, or after school (please check with me beforehand).

    Community Service Project: You must complete 8 hours of community service through an agency of your choice before winter break in December. After winter break, you will give an oral presentation about your agency and your experience to the class. You will use an online presentation took called Prezi. This assignment is a graduation requirement for all seniors.


    Tardy Policy – Big Sky High School Policy

    Being late for class is a serious disruption of the educational process to you, the other students in the class and the teacher. A tardy is defined as a student not being in class when the bell rings. If you are tardy, go to the office and get an admit slip. After 10 minutes, a tardy is considered an absence. 

    • Grades

    • In class assignments
    • Out of class assignments
    • Quizzes and tests
    • Senior Project presentation
    • Class participation
    • Community Service – 8 hours
    • 90-100 = A      80-89 = B        70-79=C          60-69=D          Below 60=F