• Welcome to Voc Prep 1 where you will explore your strengths and needs in relation to school and careers. You will be given interest assessments that will help you to identify careers to learn about. You will also learn about communication and job skills in the workplace. Job applications, resumes, interviewing, and appropriate dress and hygiene for the workplace will also be addressed. In addition, this class allows you to work at an on-campus work site with supervision. There are a number of different jobs to do around the school and will be assigned to you upon interest, maturity, and behavior. These jobs will change every quarter.


    Classroom Code of Conduct

    Be on time with the supplies you need.

    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Teacher’s desk and computer is off limits at all times

    Respect others: keep hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself.

    Food and drink (water only) allowed; however, it may not disrupt the learning process

    Cell phones will be turned off and placed in the class phone caddy at the beginning of class and remain in their holder until the end of class. Cell phones will be permitted for learning opportunities per Ms. Shepard's directions. 

    Bring a positive attitude to class that shows you care about your progress in high school, and TRY YOUR BEST!


    Course Requirements

     Attendance: Attendance of all classes is required. Absences must be excused and all work made up within one week.

    Classroom Participation: You are required to participate in all classroom activities including individual or group work. You will not have a lot of homework which means you need to finish your work in class.

    Journal Writing: You are required to write an entry in your journal at the beginning or end of each class. Journals will be checked every 5th or 6th entry.

    Transition Portfolio: You are required to complete a portfolio that will include samples of your completed class work, goal charts, resume, job evaluations, pictures and your transition plan. This will be turned in at the end of the year which means that all the work you do must be kept throughout the whole year…YOU MUST BE ORGANIZED!!!

    On-Campus Job: You are required to attend your on-campus job for 45 minutes of the class period and perform tasks related to that job. Sophomores will get paid $1.00 per period for attending their job and receive a paycheck after every

    5 weeks. The Vocational Contract must be signed by you and your parent or guardian BEFORE you can be assigned to a job.


    Pass Policy

    When you leave class to perform your on-campus job, you must return before the end of class or you will be given an unexcused absence. You must take the appropriate pass for your job and bring it BACK!

    You must take the pass to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, etc. (not during the first and last 20 minutes of class) as long as the pass is not being used by another student.


    Tardy Policy

    It is important to be on time to class, as this is good practice for when you have a job later in life. When you are late you disrupt the class and distract the teacher and other students. I will close the door to the room when class begins. If you are tardy, go to the office and get an admit slip. Knock on the door when you return. If you missed anything at the beginning of class you need to get what you missed from another student. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will be marked absent.





    Daily points (5 each day) based on whether you are on time, prepared, your attitude, class work/job performance.

    Journal checks (every 5 or 6 journal entries) worth 5 points each.

    Job evaluations– 2 every quarter worth up to 165 points.

    Transition Portfolio worth 175 points.

    90-100 = A       80-89 = B         70-79 = C         60-69 = D        Below 60 = F