Cold Springs Future Site


    Susan Daniel, Principal

    Cold Springs Elementary School, originally built in 1930, presently serves approximately 500 K-5 students.  While a wonderful historical site, the building has received many unconventional additions.  Today, overcrowding, inadequate technology infrastructure and an aged building create educational and safety deficits that do not support 21st century teaching and learning.
    The option proposed in 2014 to the MCPS Trustees relocates and rebuilds Cold Springs in a new facility constructed in Lower Miller Creek.  The revitalized facility will provide needed improvements in school safety and security, flexible spaces for increased classroom collaboration and up-to-date technology meeting the needs of our 21st century learners.  
    In November 2015, Missoula voters generously passed both bonds - planning and construction for 16 projects started immediately.  To date, a portion of those projects have been completed and other projects continue with final delivery dates ranging from January to August of 2017.  As part of the original bond amount, MCPS Trustees funded the cost of land for a new Cold Springs Elementary School.  In the November 2016 General Election, Missoula city voters will have a chance to grant permission for the site identified by MCPS.  
    This is a ZERO COST question on the November ballot.  MCPS has to ask voters for permission to locate a school on this site in Lower Miller Creek.
    We selected this site because it is close to where children live.  It's also close to trails and parks in the Lower Miller Creek area.  We also know that this site is a prime location for an area where 1400 houses are planned to be built over the next 20 years.  This is the area where Missoula is growing and where young families will be buying homes.  
    All residents in SD #1 Elementary District boundary who also reside in city limits will get this question on their ballots.  This means that all of our MCPS parents can help support the students at Cold Springs.  They need our help to share this information and keep friends and neighbors informed.  More importantly for our school, we need to turn out the vote and make sure our friends and neighbors are informed.  Historically, our area turns out the highest number of voters in the city.  Remember, this is a zero cost ballot question.  MCPS simply needs permission to locate the school on this site in Lower Miller Creek.  
    The District has already requested permission to put out a bid for the architect of Cold Springs Elementary.  Planning could take place this school year starting immediately after the vote.  If the site is approved by voters, I will invite teachers, parents and community members to sit on our Education Innovation Team (EIT) to guide the design of our new school.  Depending upon the results of the vote and the planning process, the new school could open in August 2018.
    We invite you to learn more about the plan, and get involved in shaping the future of education for our children.  Please feel free to email or call me with questions.

    The School Board has approved our preferred option, pending the passage of a facilities levy in 2015! Learn more about our goals and proposal>