General Study Skills



    General Study Skills

    Ms. Tomsich



    Phone:  728-2400 ext. 8668


    General study skills is a one-credit class especially designed to assist students with successful completion of class work, writing papers, studying for quizzes and tests, as well as completing supplemental study skills material provided by the teacher. Students may utilize the library, writing lab or math core with a pass from their classroom teacher.


    Classroom Code of Conduct:

    • I am responsible-Be on time for class; be prepared for class.
    • I am respectful-Respect yourself and others.
    • I am resilient-Put forth your best effort.
    • I am ready-Request help if you need it. 

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Please take care of personal needs before coming to class.
    • Finish all food and drinks before coming to class.  A water bottle is ok.
    • No electronic devices (off and placed in the class phone holder at the beginning of class and reamin the the holder until the end of class) unless pre-approved by Ms. Tomsich.
    • Hats must be worn correctly (facing forward) or not at all (this applies to both male and female students).
    • No hoods (this applies to both male and female students).
    • One person out of the room at a time (bathroom requests either the first or last 20 minutes of class will be restricted unless there is an emergency).


    Tardy Policy:

    A tardy is defined as a student not being in class when the bell rings.  If you are tardy, check in at the office with Karen Staves.  She will give you a tardy slip to give Ms. Tomsich.

    • Every minute you are late to class, you must “pay” back those minutes by staying after class.
    • If you are late by 10 minutes or more, you are counted absent for the class period.
    • Tardy #4 in a quarter results in loss of class participation grade.
    • Tardy #5 in a quarter will result in a discipline referral to the Dean.

    Course Requirements:

    • Progress Report completion; twice per quarter
    • Productivity; bringing homework/materials to class and completing
    • Work Calendar/Participation/Attendance 


    • Progress Report completion; twice per quarter
    • Productivity; bringing homework/materials to class and completing.
    • Work Calendar/Participation/Attendance

    Grading Scale:








    I have read the syllabus and classroom code of conduct and understand it. I will honor it while working with Ms. Tomsich in study skills.

    Student signature: __________________________________________      Date: _______



    My child has discussed the syllabus and classroom discipline plan with me. I understand it and support it.

    Parent Signature: ___________________________________________      Date: _______