Travel Policy

  • Big Sky High School is liable for any student that is not released to their legal guardian(s) during a school activity. Students and Guardian(s) must follow these steps when requesting to travel privately.

    Students NEED to ride the bus to and from a school competition.

    1. If a child and/or guardian(s) wants their child to ride home:
    2. A parent must provide 24 hours’ notice (in person) to the administrative office.
      • A written note must be provided to the administration and coach.
      • A parent must personally give the coach the note assuming liability.
      • All travel plans with parents and student(s) must be approved by the administration.
    3. When a student is released to their legal guardian(s), guardians assume liability for their child.
    4. Please make sure to inform guardian(s) of any team travel changes.
    5. Provide guardian(s) and student an itinerary for travel.

    For travel games, if you would like for your student to return home with you instead of riding the bus, please fill out the Travel Release form below and return it to the Activities Secretary in the Big Sky main office.