• Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions

     1. What is the deadline for registration?

    The registration form (green sheets) must be turned into the UM-COT no later than the last week of school for academic year 2013-2014 before office closing.

     2.  Do I need to complete the Immunization Records form?

    Only if you plan to attend the UM as a full time student in 2014.  You may also complete the form at that time.

     3.  What is the cost?

    The dual credit costs $49.67 per credit.  M162 Applied Calculus is 4 credits, M151 Pre-Calculus is 4 credits, and M115 Linear Algebra and Probability is 3 credits.  On the course registration form, the CRN# is left blank, the SUBJ is “Math” and the CRS# is one of the three course numbers 162, 151, or 115.

     4.  What signatures do I need?

    The form must be signed by the student, the parent if the student is under 18, and the student’s counselor.

     5.  Do I have to include my social security number?

    No, that is for UM students who are receiving financial aid.

     6. Do I have to pay now?

    No, you do not have to pay at this time.  You will receive a bill next fall and you only have to pay if you want the college credit.  When you receive your bill, the final payment date will be given on that bill.

     7.  Does this go on my college transcript?

    YES, please understand that this is not a grade that can be changed once you have earned the college grade; it stays on your college transcript.  You may request the UM send your transcript to any college and it will transfer.  Some colleges may accept them as general education credits.  It is up to the college how to apply the credits for the student.  Please remember, that once you commit to taking the course for dual credit, it does become part of your permanent record.  The student must earn a grade of C- or better in order for the credits to apply toward a degree.

     8.  Am I enrolled in the UM after this course?

    Not officially.  You still must complete the application process, but you do have a 790- number and the application fee of $35 is waived if you apply using the paper method.  If you apply online, the $35 application fee cannot be waived.

      Reminders to Parents

     Your student is taking this for college credit so they need to step up and do the prep work behind signing up for the class, such as taking the forms to the COT and turning them in.

     All students will have to take the ALEKS math placement in the spring and earn the required placement level for the desired class before being accepted into the dual credit program.  This test is free to all dual credit students and may be used later if they attend the UM.

     Dual credit grades are calculated by averaging their grade through 3 quarters at 84% and the final will be 16%.  We give them materials so they can prepare for the exam up to 2 months in advance of the test.  They should have work to do every week before the exam.  The grade they get on the exam can drop their grade a full letter.  They need to take this final exam seriously.  (Remember, some college classes use the final exam as 100% of the grade.)

     It is cheap, cheap, cheap.  Students can earn up to 11 college credits in math before they graduate from high school.

     Credits are on a UM transcript and transfer anywhere in the world.  The credits may only be elective credits in other colleges, though.

     Students who are in Dual Credit need to do their work daily.  We need help from parents to check on students and verify they are really keeping up in the course.


Last Modified on August 26, 2014