I.S. 1 weekly schedule and notes

  • Weeks 4-6

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 9/16/2019
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  • Weeks 1-3

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 9/8/2019

    Earth Systems Science targets 1-6

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  • Week 37, or something (last week of regular classes!!!)

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 6/3/2019

    Review notes updated Friday, June 7.

    The final exam in this class will be a multiple choice test on the seven Water Mini-Unit learning targets, plus a few ACT science released items for practice. If I can come up with some sort of comprehensive item for the whole year, I'll include that too. WTHN!

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  • Week 36

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/21/2019

    WMU 2, 3 Quiz

    a. Write hypothetical soap drop numbers to get a lasting lather in:

    Mississippi River water

    Lewis and Clark Cavern water

    Melted snow from Glacier Park

    b. Why do we get "soap curds" in hard water?

    c. Why does it take more soap to make suds in hard water?

    WMU #1 Quiz

    a. Draw a water molecule.

    b. Add the charge to the drawing.

    c. Show or explain how the charge causes surface tension.

    d. How does charge make vaporizing water take away so much energy?

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  • Week 35

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/17/2019

    Internet Hydrology Lab

    Use this link  to open the assignment in Google Docs. Make a copy of the document and put your name on top. Open a Google spreadsheet to graph the data you download in the lab.

    If you haven't turned in or shared the final project you worked on with Ms. Jordan, here's the rubric. You have until the end of the year to share or hand in.

    iEEL unit final project rubric

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  • Week 34

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 5/8/2019

    iEEL 8-12 Test Review 

    iEEL 8-12 Review (Gold Day)

    Test on Thursday, 5/9 (2nd Period)

    Test on Friday, 5/10 (5th,6th and 7th Period)

    iEEL Projects due Friday

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  • Week 33

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 4/25/2019

    iEEL #12 Quiz

    a. Describe the adaptations of the Arctic Fox to its environment.

    b. Describe  the adaptations of the Gray Fox.

    c. What evidence is there that the gene pools of each fox species is different.

    d. Describe how the gene pool of the Arctic Fox would change over time as they migrated north.

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  • Week 31, continued

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 4/17/2019



    iEEL #11 QUIZ

    a. Which two great apes seem to be most distantly related based on this tree?

    b. What is the branching order from earliest to latest of human, gorilla, and chimp species?

    human family tree


    c. Use this map of tortoise distribution to create a phylogenetic tree of tortoises, including the ancestral mainland population. Island ages are in millions of years.

    d. How did the geologic history of the Galapagos affect the evolution of the tortoises?


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  • Week 31

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 4/15/2019
    iEEL #10 Quiz

    a. Discuss limiting factors to explain why the lynx population spiked at point A.

    b. Describe two possible reasons the hare and lynx populations stayed relatively low during the the years marked with B.


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  • Week 29

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 3/18/2019

    Period 5, 6, and 7 Review Notes Click Here

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