I.S. 1 Assignments and Quizzes

  • EEL 1 quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 2/27/2024

    3.1 Quiz

    3.1 a) Explain why a map of world earthquakes shows the outlines of plates.

          b) How does plate motion create a mid-ocean ridge like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?

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  • EEL3 Quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 2/13/2024

    EEL3 Quiz:

    a. Describe two lines of evidence for the age of Earth.

    b. The Cambrian Explosion is the appearance in the fossil record of all the major animal phyla, like mollusks, arthropods, etc., 540 million years ago. If we were to place this event on the timeline we made in class, where would it go? Remember, 1 meter on the timeline represents 1 billion years.

    c. Explain the distribution of earth’s timeline. Why are most of the events clumped toward the present day?


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  • 1.1 Quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 9/11/2023

    a. Thinking of Slevin's Island, how does a cottonwood tree get resources from two different spheres?

    b. Describe one link between the geosphere and the atmosphere.

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  • 2.11 quiz DNA

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 1/13/2023

    1. Name the two bonds involved in DNA structure.

    2. Name the two main parts of a DNA molecule.

    3. Where in the DNA molecule do we find the information that your cells use to build your body?

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  • ABC#8 Quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 12/14/2022

    ABC 8 Quiz

    1. How do we spread this light out to see the colors?spectrum

    2. How many colors are visible?

    3. How are electrons involved in making these colors?

    4. Draw one electron making one of these colors.



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  • ABC2.7 Quiz 2.10 quiz reassessment

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 12/9/2022

    2.10 reassessement: write and balance equation for the daily reaction shown in class Friday 12/9

    2.7: Make a table of name, symbol, atomic #, mass #, protons, neutrons, electrons, charge for these two elements: Berylium and Titanium

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  • 2.4 Quiz star colors

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 11/2/2022

    1. Why is blue a hot color?

    2. How and why is a white star different from a blue star?

    3. Why are there no green stars?


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  • ABC 3 Quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 10/26/2021

    ABC #3 Quiz: (Show your work)

    a. What is the scale of a model of a 20 meter long boat, if the model is 1.0 meter long?

    b. How long is the real SR-71 Blackbird if the 1:72 scale model is 44 cm long?

    c. If Earth is 12,570 km in diameter, how big would it be at our walking scale of 1 meter = 7,000,000 km (1:7,000,000,000)?

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  • 2.3 Big Bang quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 10/18/2021

    ABC#3 Quiz:

    a. How does the red-shift of galaxies lead us to the Big Bang model of the universe?

    b. What two properties of the CMB support the Big Bang Theory?

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  • 4.1 / 4.2 quiz

    Posted by Craig Messerman on 4/30/2021

    When looking through the 5X eyepiece and 4X objective of a microscope, 9 ruler marks are visible with one on each edge of the field of view.

    a) Draw this scene.

    b) What is the diameter of the field of view?

    c) Draw a single-celled microorganism 0.5 mm long on your drawing from a.

    d) How many times bigger is this field than the unaided view?

    e) If you switched to the 8X objective, what would the magnification be?

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