• Family and Consumer Science

    Culinary Arts Rules

    1. I will arrive to class on time.  Directions for the day are announced at the beginning of class.  When I arrive late, I miss important instructions.  I must be in the classroom when the bell rings or I will receive a tardy.  Upon the 4th tardy, I will serve a detention as assigned by Ms. Fillmore.  If I am ten more minutes late for class, the policy is that I will be marked absent.  I will bring a tardy slip in with me as Ms. Fillmore won’t let me leave to go get one once I am present in the classroom.
    2. I will keep all electronic devices out of sight in the classroom.  This includes cell phones, I-PODS, earphones and/or other electronic devices.  I will follow the Big Sky High School cell phone policy.  If I forget, I will cheerfully hand the item(s) over to Ms. Fillmore.  I will receive no warnings or reminders.  If I forget, I can pick up my cell phone from Karen according to the Big Sky High School policy.  All other electronic devices can be picked up from Ms. Fillmore at the end of class. 
    3. I will taste all items prepared in class.  I will not waste food or eat something that isn’t mine.  If you are not going to taste/eat the items prepared in class, please consider another class more suited to your goals.  If I need a snack/treat, I will bring in healthy and nutritious snacks and beverages.  I will leave energy drinks out of the classroom.  I will bring appropriate items into the classroom during passing times as I won’t be allowed to leave the room during class time for these items.
    4. I will be responsible for my grade.  I will check with Ms. Fillmore if/when I have a question about a specific grade. 
    5. I will come to class prepared with pen/pencil and paper.  I will keep and maintain a notebook of all handouts, assignments, recipes, and notes.  I will be able to use these resources on tests.
    6. I will turn in all of my assignments in order to participate in lab activities.  I will turn my assignments in on time.  If I turn an assignment in late, it will be docked points for each day it is late.  I will lose 10% on the 1st day, 25% on the second day, and 50% on the third day.  After the 3rd day, I will not receive any credit.  If all of my assignments are turned in, I can receive extra credit.  Please check with Ms. Fillmore for ideas on how to earn extra credit. 
    7. If I am absent, I will be responsible for asking Ms. Fillmore for make-up work.  I will make up missed labs at home by preparing the food item at home.  If I use a different recipe than what was given in class, I will bring in the alternate recipe along with a signed note from either a parent/guardian stating what I made.  All items prepared at home need to be documented on a camera.  Please take two pictures, one with all of the ingredients and one with the final product.  If I do not have the ingredients at home to prepare the item, I will complete the alternate assignment form by reading a food based article of my choice and completing the one page report.
    8. I will be given a limited number of bathroom passes per quarter.  Bathroom passes are limited to four minutes.  If I abuse my privileges, I will be denied them.  Use the bathrooms during passing times.  I will leave my cell phone with Ms. Fillmore when I leave the room.
    9. Honesty is the best policy and I will abide by that.
    10. I will treat others with the same respect that I would want to be treated.  I will work together as a team and with consideration for others. 
    11. I will be on my best behavior.  I will use and remember appropriate manners.  I will be school appropriate while in the classroom.  I will use appropriate language in the classroom. Disruptive behavior, rough-housing, playing around are not tolerated in the classroom due to safety considerations.  Since safety is top priority, I will refrain from snapping towels at all times.  I realize there are consequences for inappropriate behavior which could result in my removal from class and reporting to my Dean for the remainder of class.  Ms. Fillmore will notify Karen if I leave class for a discipline issue.
    12. I will use equipment and utensils properly. 
    13. I will wash my hands as needed.  I will tie my hair back as needed.  I will bring my own hair accessory if I don’t care for the ones Ms. Fillmore supplies (one-time use rubber bands).  I will wear an apron at my discretion.
    14. I will sit in the chairs in the classroom and not on the counters due to sanitation issues.
    15. I will leave the lab area/classroom clean.  This includes counters, sink, cupboards, appliances, dishes and utensils.  I will take turns with my unit mates if someone needs to stay late and finish the lab/cleaning.  If I fail to leave the unit ready for the next class, I will forfeit future labs.


    I have read and agreed to these department rules and will abide by them.


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