• Essential Playing Skill - Storage of Memory

    Source:  Vision54.com

    E + R = O
    Event in golf is the ball moves from Point A to point B.
    Reaction (3 types of reactions:  positive, neutral, and negative)
    Outcome stored in the brain's library for future reference.

    How to create confidence and build your library of good shots:

    • Have a good POST SHOT ROUTINE!
    1. Celebrate if you committed to your decision.
    2. Celebrate the outcome.

    You can CELEBRATE...

    • on the inside:  anchor it by saying something positive like "awesome"
    • on the outside: fist pump or high five

    Say one thing great about every shot.

    Replace a negative reaction with a phrase: "fairways and greens, fairways and greens"

    After every shot, practice being a scientist by only stating the facts about the outcome with no emotion.

    Ask yourself if the shot was good enough.

    Post Round Storage of Memory:

    • Say or write down 10 things you did good on the golf course and feel it, so you store it in your library.
    • Say or write down 1 thing you could do better without emotion.
    • Say or write down how you are going to practice the better then go and do it!