Training Resource

  • Playing Focus Examples


    • Today, after every shot, I will react with a happy or neutral state.
    • On every shot I will make a clear decision and have the guts to go through with the decision.
    • I will keep my eyes at horizon or above during the entire round.
    • I will stay in my finish position an extra 5 seconds and be aware of my balance.
    • I will have my best friend's voice in my head as I talk to myself during the round.
    • I will do my pre-shot routine on every shot for all 18 holes.
    • I will aim the clubface and then align my body on every shot.
    • I will take an extra deep breath in my pre-shot routine.
    • I will say "fairways and greens" everytime I have a negative voice.
    • I will hum or sing during every swing.
    • Once I have taken my grip to the think box, I will keep my hand pressure constant.
    • I commit to only swinging 70% of my tempo on all full shots today.
    • I will commit to only one look at the hole after I have addressed the putt.  The look is only to connect with the distance to the hole.
    • I will state every shot decision out loud.