• Work Place Experience

  • Cindy Schultz Workplace Experience (previously known as Business Co-op) is a unique class in that it gives students that work an opportunity to earn credit for working.  In addition to working, they must be a Junior or a Senior, have a job where they work a minimum of five hours a week (or 90 hours a quarter) and be enrolled and pass a Career and Technical Education class.   Career and Technical Education classes include Family & Consumer Science classes, Industrial Tech classes, including computer science and engineering classes and Business Classes. Students will receive .5 elective credit for each semester of Workplace Experience up to 2.0 credits.
    There are several assignments due by 11:59 p.m. the Friday of the first week of class.  They are also required to log on each week to Google Classroom and complete  weekly assignments. Grades are based on the number of hours worked, attendance (logging in each week), assignments and employer evaluations.

    Attention Workplace Experience Students:
    If you are a student in a Workplace Experience class this Fall, there are several assignments due by 11:59 p.m., Friday of the first week of class.   This course is essentially online. Even if you were in a Workplace Experience class previously, you are required to complete several required assignments by 11:59 p.m., Friday of the first week of class. You will receive a Workplace Experience packet before start of the semester through your school email. This packet will include the instructions on the requirements for this course. If you ever have a question about an assignment, please email me at cschultz@mcpsmt.org.
    The Google Classroom Join Code for the Workplace Experience Fall 2020 class is: wez6fsc.
    Start by reading through the Workplace Experience Packet in the Materials section so you know what is expected. Be sure to review the Grading Policy so you know how your grade is calculated.
    If you are also taking the Workplace Experience class in the second semester, there will be a new Google Classroom that you will need to log into. You will receive through your school email another Workplace Experience packet to find out what the Join code is for Google Classroom. There are several assignments due Friday of the first week of the new semester. If you are taking Workplace Experience again second semester, you will need to complete a new Training Agreement and Guidelines form to be in this course second semester.


Last Modified on September 8, 2020