Mrs. Schendel's School Supply List


    • Backpack - regular sized (smaller backpacks do not hold your child's folder)
    • Refillable water bottle - please write your child's name on the bottle
    • Towel or small blanket for "recharge" time
    • Sneakers for gym class. These do not need to be new- just available to wear on gym days.
    • 1 Box of tissues
    • 1 PLASTIC three pronged. 2 pocket folder (NOT a binder)
    • 1 clear pencil pouch with 3 holes for clipping into your folder
    • 1 box 16 or 24 crayons (no jumbo size, please)
    Pencil boxes are not needed. I have boxes here for individual student materials. We will only share when absolutely necessary and your child will have their own supplies to use daily. Additional items that come in "school packs" can be kept at home for home projects ( scissors, pens, paper, notebooks, folders, etc.)
    We will need other supplies throughout the year, and I will place requests on our website or on our wishlist.