Safety Committees - 2014
    There are currently two safety committees – focusing on mental health services; public/facility safety; and design.  Both committees will review current practices and procedures in schools and make recommendations for improvement and/or change. Meetings will be held in the MCPS Business Building Board Room at 915 South Avenue West in Missoula. The meetings are open to the general public (please note that the scheduled public comment period for these meetings is the last twenty minutes of the meeting). 
    MCPS Superintendent Alex Apostle announced in December 2012 following the Newtown school shooting that the District, with the involvement of St. Patrick Hospital President Jeff Fee and Missoula Police Chief Mark Muir, would convene committees to review school safety procedures. In light of the Connecticut shooting, Apostle said it would be prudent for MCPS to review its security and emergency response plans to ensure that it provides the safest learning environment possible for all students and staff. 
    Committee schedules are:
    Mental Health, Safety and Security Advisory Committee:  The Mental Health Safety and Security Advisory Committee will review existing mental health and student behavior support programs and make recommendations for more effective services for students and families.
    Safety and Security Task Force:  The Public Safety and the Facility Safety and Security Advisory Committees have been merged to become the Safety and Security Task Force.  They have identified core elements that they collectively agree are important, and developed guiding principles and recommendations for the Board of Trustees in support of a consistent, district-wide approach to public safety and facility safety and security in Missoula County Public Schools.
    • Committee Meeting - Tuesday, April 8, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m., Business Bldg. Board Room