Meet the Coach

  • Coach:  Mathew Pimentel

    Team: Girls Varsity Volleyball

    Position: Head Coach

    Contact Info:


    Mathew Pimentel is a Las Vegas native and a graduate of Cimarron Memorial High School.   He started playing volleyball in 9th grade and as a result of wonderful coaching and the challenge, fell in love with the game.  Coach Mathew considers himself a teacher first, and a volleyball coach second.  He is passionate about Leadership, and teaching life lessons through volleyball, which he considers to be the ultimate team sport.  He feels blessed to have many good coaches and mentors in his life, and he is now fortunate to be in a position where he can pass along what he has learned to this next generation. He considers himself to be an intense coach, who demands hard work and maximum effort.  When Coach Mathew is not in the gym, he enjoys traveling, fishing, hiking, golf and spending time with friends and loved ones.


    • Cimarron Memorial High School
    • University of Las Vegas

     Coaching & Playing Experience

    • Cimarron Memorial  --  2005-2009
    • Molten club team     --  2005-2009
    • Assistant at Sentinel High school  --  2013-2014
    • Zootown Club volleyball coach      --  2013-Present
    • Head coach at Frenchtown High school   --  2015-2017


    • Impact Certified


    You can reach Coach Pimentel at